Ten years ago when my photo of the Twelve Apostles won a local photo competition, it didn't dawn upon me then, about pursuing this professionally. I've studied Multimedia Computing in university and so graphic design was already kind of what I did and love doing.  The photography club that I was in also gave me great skills and knowledge. But I'd like to think I always had a natural flair with taking photos - or so did friends tell me.


So I did what I love doing most; that was to take photos of everyone and everything no matter where I went and I never gave up until I got the perfect shot. And it has brought me here today where I finally decided to launch my own freelance business in 2014 after completing a few photography courses. I currently train under CFA’s Professional Photographer Keith Pakenham who recently won the Australian Fire Service Medal on Queen’s Birthday.


My Tool: Nikon D7200




Though I came to Melbourne Australia in 2007 to pursuit higher education in IT, I have never put my love for photography aside. I approach photography in a documentary kind of way shooting family and friends, as well as landscapes, interiors, food, people & streets. Those are my favourites. 


iPhone is awesome in some situations and it allows me to shoot, edit and post to the Internet almost anywhere. But I use the Fujifilm X camera, which somewhat looks like retro film cameras but they are not. And although they look much smaller than a normal DSLR, they produce beautiful photos with amazing details. 


I'm currently working in collaboration with JuzMel Designs to enhance my photography skills and continuing the path to pursue what I love doing. Hopefully our snaps bring laughter and great memories to everyone.


My Tool: Fujifilm X-T1

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